Local children dance with BGT’s Diversity 

With the current season of Britain’s Got Talent just finished, past winner’s Diversity have teamed up with part-time theatre school Razzamataz Sheffield to create an exciting workshop for students.

Razzamataz is a Dragons’ Den backed theatre school franchise with more than 40 schools up and down the country. As well as Razzamataz Sheffield, school located in Cumbria, Scotland, Reading and Kent brought some of their students from ages 9-18 along to Diversity’s own studios in Essex.

Jordan and Perri, who have combined dancing with a successful TV career, led the workshop for the Razzamataz students. After a welcome, warm up and look around Diversity’s headquarters the youngsters were split into two studios to learn a routine from the guys. They then got a chance to look at some of the famous Diversity costumes from their stage and TV work.  After learning a second routine, the students got to perform the dance for the Diversity guys and also showcased some of their own street dance moves.

The most important part of the day was getting feedback from the guys to help improve performance and have an opportunity to ask the Diversity team questions about being performers and what their lives have been like since winning Britain’s Got Talent.

“It was the most amazing opportunity and probably the best day of my life” says Ellie Channer, Senior student at Razzamataz Sheffield. “The Diversity boys were all so helpful and it was really inspiring to hear their story.”

It’s a big part of the Razzamataz ethos to get top class professionals to work with the students. Learning from those who are currently enjoying successful careers is extremely motivating for students and gives them a real sense of what the performing arts industry is all about.

“It was a real privilege to work with the Diversity guys and they made our students feel very special,” says Helen, Principal of Razzamataz Sheffield. “We always have lots of experiences planned to make our students time at Razzamataz the most rewarding it can be.”

Children who attend Razzamataz Sheffield take part in dance, drama and singing classes and experience everything from classic West End musical theatre styles to street dance and pop singing. Students get lots of opportunities to perform, have fun and make new friends, build on their confidence and social skills all while keeping fit and active. Classes start at age 2 and go on to 18 and there are regular special guest workshops for students of all ages.

Classes in Sheffield run all day on a Saturday at Meadowhead School. Their next free trail session is Saturday 27th June, to book email Sheffield@razzamataz.co.uk, call 07979 189177 or visit sheffield.razzamataz.co.uk

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