Put your child in the frame this New Year

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As most parents will know, social media plays a huge part in a young person’s life. Love it or loathe it, there’s no getting away from the impact it makes both positively and sometimes negatively.

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Many youngsters will also go through a time when they find communicating quite challenging. Whether they feel pressure to keep up with the latest trends or something more serious such as online bullying, giving children a platform to work through their feelings is important to build their self-confidence.

Performing arts has been credited for building life skills and allowing students to express a range of feelings to encourage them to understand and deal with the different emotions that they go through, especially during the adolescent years.

“We want to help young people create long and lasting friendships through sharing some wonderful experiences together,” explains Helen Bell, Principal of Razzamataz Sheffield. “Whether that’s the bonding experience of rehearsing and performing in the annual show or helping to raise funds for a local charity, children and teens respond so positively when they work as a team.”

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With January being the time of year when many adults commit to get fit, the New Year is also a good opportunity for parents to consider their youngsters physical and mental health and wellbeing.

“Participating in a dance, drama or singing class will help improve your flexibility, co-ordination, balance and stamina,” adds Helen. “As well as the physical aspects, performing will help focus the mind, improve your memory and encourage empathy to develop compassion and tolerance for others.”

To give your child the chance to thrive this year in an environment where they can make new friends and develop their self-confidence, come along to their next free taster session on Saturday 13th January. To secure a free place contact the Razz team on 07979 189177 or sheffield@razzamataz.co.uk to find out more!

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