Finding the time for fitness

It’s no surprise that gyms are full to bursting as soon as Christmas is over but many of us find it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

Now a new class has launched where you can exercise while your children are enjoying their own performing arts activity helping them to keep fit and healthy whilst having fun.

Razz Fit is brought to you by Razzamataz Theatre Schools, a part-time theatre school for children ranging in age from 2-18 that focusses on dance, drama and singing. While the children are enjoying their session, the parents can take part in a dance-based exercise class, an easy way of incorporating exercise into their everyday lives.

Razz Fit ladies

“The routines are pitched just right; they do test you but are not too difficult,” says Nicola. “The floor exercise at the end are challenging but I can feel that they are really starting to tone me. The class sets me up with energy for the day and it’s better than waiting around chatting and drinking tea!”

Razz Fit isn’t just for Razzamataz parents, anyone from the local community is welcome to join. The class takes place on a Saturday morning from 9-10am at Meadowhead School, Dyche Lane, Sheffield. In January, Razzamataz are offering a free session to anyone new to Razz Fit! To book your class just reply to this email with your preferred date for the session or click the button below! For more information you can call Helen on 07979189177 / 0114 3030 455.

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